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Innovation at Zhendre

Our company possesses strong technological capabilities that we use to support innovation and to create tailor-made solutions in response to customer requests.

Our design office is composed of engineers and technicians specialised in sheet metal work, welding & fabrication, insulation, electricity, mechanics and, of course, refrigeration and air conditioning, our original profession.

About 4% of turnover is devoted to R&D and innovation, and our continuous monitoring of new technologies enables us to better orient our innovations in order to meet our customers’ expectations.

As our products are very often used in extreme climatic conditions and are also subject to high mechanical stress, we conduct numerous tests during development.

We have our own climatic test room, which, with the help of 21 sensors connected to data acquisition software, allows us to measure the performance of refrigerated containers and tent air conditioners and thus ensure that the expected performance is perfectly matched to that of the final product.

All our approaches to Development and Innovation are in line with our unwavering concern to better understand our customers’ demands in order to satisfy them and earn their loyalty.


While the development of new products expected by the market remains one of our priorities, the improvement of existing products (energy efficiency, ergonomics, design, maintenance) is also a permanent concern, and we pay particular attention to feedback on the operation and performance of our equipment in the field.

Thus, on our refrigerated containers designed for the French Army in collaboration with the Commissariat of Armed Forces (SCA), we integrated predictive maintenance and remote supervision systems to transmit temperature and refrigerating pressure alarms in order to prevent failures.

For the “Mistral” tent air conditioners tested in Djibouti by the French Army, we filed 2 patents: one on simplified access to maintenance and troubleshooting, the other on the orientation of the air intake duct.


· 2015: the Aquitaine Industrial Design Trophy (TADI)
· 2017: the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Eco-Design Trophy.
In yet another instance regarding tent air conditioners, we designed and developed a very competitive model, the CTZ HR 4, in order to respond to the needs of NGOs and Peacekeeping Operations, whose tight budgets required air conditioners to be made available to them which, without derogating from their ability to operate in extreme conditions, were offered at much more attractive prices.


Over the years, our sales team has acquired extensive knowledge of international trade requirements:
financing of international import and export trade operations (in particular managing letters of credit),
Incoterms management,
foreign exchange risk management (invoicing in multiple currencies)
You can rely on us to ensure that your import arrives under the best conditions.

ZHENDRE worldwide

Based in France (Villenave d’Ornon) with a strong international presence, our equipment is used in nearly 70 countries.