Qualité de l'environnement

Quality & Environment


Zhendre Quality and Environment

With its long history of supplying demanding customers with products exposed to harsh conditions, ZHENDRE is a pioneer in the field of Quality and Environment Systems.

Always careful to guarantee the highest level of quality for our products and services, all while limiting the impact of our activities on the environment, ZHENDRE has put in place an ISO 9001 quality management system and an ISO 14001 environmental management system, certified by BUREAU VEERITAS Certification.

This integrated Quality and Environment management system allows us to continuously provide products and services that comply with our customers’ requirements and applicable regulatory requirements in order to increase the satisfaction of our customers and all our partners.

To achieve our goals as a “socially responsible company” that respects the environment, an eco-design approach has been implemented to reduce negative environmental impacts throughout the product’s life cycle. Concretely, this has entailed a reduction of equipment weight through variation of materials and thicknesses, as well as using substances in the manufacturing process that do not harm the environment, among other measures.

The involvement of all employees, backed by the unwavering commitment of the Management, explains the success of our Quality & Environment Policy, which lies at the core of our company’s DNA.

As proof, our company has been certified since 1996.

LEAN Approach

“LEAN is a set of principles and tools used to create and deliver the best value, from the customer’s perspective, through consuming the least amount of resources possible, thus making full use of the skills of those who do the work.” The “LEAN” mindset makes it easier to see the problems around us (unnecessary stocks, production of defective parts, unnecessary travel and transport, overproduction, expectations, data entry, non-use of skills), then look for the root causes and implement the simplest and most visual solutions possible. It is a continuous improvement approach in addition to the ISO 9001 quality approach. Adopted in 2010, the LEAN approach has enabled us to improve the safety and ergonomics of workstations, improve the quality of our products, involve employees more, improve internal communication and reduce the time it takes to move products through the plant.


The ATP Agreement sets out the requirements for the international transport of perishable foodstuffs and establishes the provisions for conformity control of temperature-controlled transport units (current version of the ATP available on the UNECE website).

For national transport, national regulations require the use of equipment with an ATP technical conformity certificate or a national certificate.

Cemafroid is the competent ATP authority in France approved by the French Ministry of Agriculture under the provisions of Decree 2007-1791 of 19 December 2007 to certify manufacturers of temperature-controlled transport equipment and test centres. This organisation has also been appointed to manage the system for issuing ATP certificates in France via the DATAFRIG® information system.

As part of its activities, ZHENDRE has been authorised since 30 September 2009 by Cemafroid to manufacture ATP equipment and to request an ATP or national technical conformity certificate in the DATAFRIG® system.

This authorisation covers the manufacture of crates, tanks, small containers and isothermal packaging, as well as the manufacture, assembly and commissioning of thermal devices on machinery (Certificate No. D33/003).