La salle d'essai


In its Villenave d’Ornon plant, ZHENDRE has a 180 m3 climatic test room (Length: 9 m x Width: 5 m x Height: 4 m), allowing us to reproduce the real operating conditions of our equipment in environments between -25° C and +55° C.
This tool offers real added value to our customers by allowing them to perform reliable climate tests on site (no more risks and costs associated with the transport of materials), in real time, with results provided in both written and digital formats.

The volume of the internal space can be divided in two by a removable partition. This separation allows the creation of two distinct areas with a different atmosphere simulated in each space.
A central data logging unit offers simultaneous recording of more than 50 parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, air flow rate, etc.).
This ensures that the refrigeration performance obtained complies with the specified requirements.

The use of this test room is not limited to our products. It can be rented for one or more days with or without the availability of our staff to test various equipment (temperature, smoke tests, etc.).
For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Salle d'essai

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