NEXTER sought to support its customers’ vehicles used in overseas operations. They developed a new concept: the BATLIFT system.


For its BATLIFT container demonstrator at the Defence Business Forum (FED), NEXTER entrusted us with the design and manufacture of the 4 containers.


In less than 4 months, ZHENDRE designed and delivered a set of 4 containers to form a Projectable and Operational Maintenance Workshop (BATLIFT).


We conducted an engineering study on the mechanical resistance of the assembly, composed of 4 containers levelled by support legs. This unit was then mounted with an overhead crane with a rated capacity of 10 Tonnes (maximum working load).

The containers were specially reinforced to withstand the stresses identified during the calculation phases.

The upper containers consist of storage containers, and in the lower part we delivered:

  • 1 Air-conditioned workshop container with a CMDZ5, a desk area, conventional tools and a generator set to ensure the autonomy of the whole system.
  • 1 Air-conditioned rest container with a CMDZ5 (operation up to +55 °C)

The specific containers as well as the overhead crane are the property of Nexter Systems

Support that never leaves the soldier’s side with Nexter’s BATLIFT projectable workshop