Mobile cold room agricultural specific


Many food products are subject to strict cold chain standards, and it is in this context that we have proposed our mobile cold room offer to the agricultural sector. In order to promote short circuits, farmers nowadays want to have an on-site storage solution.


One of our customers wanted a cold room to store and present processed products (foies gras in particular) and canned on site. As there was no space available in the premises, the enclosure had to be placed outside.


We have a range of 4 isothermal monoblock cold rooms ranging from 4 to 15 m³ that can be customized.
Our client has chosen the following solution:

  • A door wider than 1200 mm to pass with a pallet,
  • A side window, specific for cold storage, to highlight the different products,
  • Removable shelves, in order to have a volume adaptable to packaging: pallet, cardboard, preserves…