Our client, an expert in seawater desalination and water treatment, wanted to install a micro reverse osmosis plant composed of 3 transformed 40′ shipping containers. The project was intended to treat water from a mine in Chile.


Our client’s main problem was heat. The containers were installed on an isolated site at high altitude, and the temperature inside the container had to be controlled to prevent damaging the customer’s equipment.


We proposed our CTZ MISTRAL air conditioner to treat the air in the container and maintain a suitable ambient temperature. Our design office proposed reinforcements and roof installation alongside a system of rigid ducts to secure the system.

As the container needed to be transportable by boat, all openings were made with reinforcements to maintain compliance with shipping certifications. We built a trapdoor in the waterproof roof for equipment maintenance.

We also had to install insulation with 2 mm thick sheet metal so that the customer could install heavy equipment anywhere on the walls. Finally, we applied a C5M paint complex to guarantee maximum corrosion resistance.