One customer asked us to build a container with integrated distribution substations for a data centre. The data centre is powered by the mains, but there are also generators in case of mains failure. The aim was to design a container equipped with a cabinet for power management.


Our client had space constraints and could not afford to use a 40′ container. However, its equipment would not fit into a 20′ container. The customer did not want the cabinets containing high wattages to come into contact with the wood. The customer also wanted to separate the two parts with a firewall.


To meet our customer’s need, we reduced the length of a 40′ container from 12 metres to 9 metres to allow them to place the container where they wanted it. We created two zones with a firewall in between to secure each compartment.
We installed a diamond plate stainless steel floor so that the electrical parts would not come into contact with the wood.

The insulation was made of rock wool sandwich panels for containment purposes in the event of a fire.
We integrated the distribution cabinets weighing about 3 tonnes for which we have the appropriate special tools. We also installed service doors in the wall for easy access.