This range of custom-made products in variable sizes is designed for projects requiring rapid deployment, simple installation and precise and rigorous performance in extreme conditions.

Thus, our cold room kits can be adapted to the needs of food storage projects and vaccination campaigns in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. They can also be used in industrial processes in order to maintain or lower temperatures.


These modular cold room kits are composed of several elements:

The insulated polyurethane panels are non-flammable and easily connectible to each other;
The cooling units are custom-made; they can be split or monobloc type, redundant or not;
Alarms and temperature monitoring/setting systems as well as installation tools are included in the kit.

The installations are carried out in several stages: once the floor level has been completed, the floor is installed, the walls integrated into the base and the cooling units, shelves and accessories installed. Insulation finishes are provided in silicon. Our refrigeration installers take measurements and start up the room to check for conformity.


Depending on the type of project, cold rooms are PQS certified (WHO standard) or not. For overseas projects such as vaccination campaigns in isolated locations, kits are sent in containers, collected by the recipients and installed by our network of certified installers. These cold rooms are operational within a few days and store vaccines with a high market value or food in positive or negative cold.

For industrial projects, mainly food production in France, our technicians are responsible for the installation and regulation of the chamber temperature. In addition, the set temperature and temperature variations are adjusted according to the process concerned.

Detailed instructions on the installation and use of cold rooms are delivered and adapted according to each project.