Our client’s project involved a civilian mission of the European Union under the framework of the Common Security and Defence Policy.

The mission was to support the capacities of Niger’s security forces in the fight against terrorism and organised crime.

In this context, our client required an ammunition storage container to provide for its defence.


Our client needed a robust, secure and mobile solution to ensure the transfer of weapons and ammunition.
It was also necessary to maintain a controlled temperature inside the storage area, even during high temperatures.


ZHENDRE provided a 20′ bi-compartment storage container with one area for weapons and another for ammunition. The design allowed for each compartment to be locked individually.

A shelter air conditioner was used to maintain the temperature of the 2 compartments. The unit was engineered to operate at outside temperatures up to +50°C

Following our customer’s satisfaction with this container, a second armoured container has been ordered, with delivery expected in 2020.