Chambre froide démontable

Cold room kit modular

This range of custom-made products in variable sizes is designed for projects requiring rapid deployment, simple installation and precise and rigorous performance in extreme conditions. Thus, our cold room kits can be adapted to the needs of food storage projects and vaccination campaigns in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. They can also be used in industrial processes in order to maintain or lower temperatures.

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Container désalinisation

Desalination container

BACKGROUND Our client, an expert in seawater desalination and water treatment, wanted to install a micro reverse osmosis plant composed of 3 transformed 40′ shipping containers. The project was intended to treat water from a mine in Chile.

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Container Atelier pile à combustible

Workshop container Fuel cell

BACKGROUND A young company developing hybrid off-grid site electrification solutions contacted us to integrate its fuel cell into a 20′ container. The company has won a major European project and is carrying out its first shipping container project.

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Container morgue

Morgue container

BACKGROUND The Town Hall of Maripa-Soula, which is the largest municipality in France in terms of surface area, needed to find a solution for managing the dead because bodies had to be urgently repatriated to Cayenne using very expensive means (helicopter, plane).

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Chambre froide en container

Cold room in container

BACKGROUND In Peacekeeping Operations (PKOs), it is essential to store food reliably at negative (-20°C) or positive (2°C to 6°C) temperatures.

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Climatiseur container CMDZ5

Containerised air conditioner

BACKGROUND A major French water treatment company solicited us for a project in French Guiana. They sought to adapt two 40′ shipping containers in which they would mount their indoor water treatment system and then send this “turnkey” mobile unit, ready to connect to the industrial process.

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Container atelier passerelle

Airport walkway air conditioner

BACKGROUND Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport has seen an increase in the number of passengers carried since the beginning of 2018 and aims to offer its passengers ever more comfort. We therefore proposed to air-condition the boarding bridges to the aircraft, in which the temperature could reach up to +37°C.

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Container transformation de légumes

Container for vegetable processing

BACKGROUND One customer asked us to build a container with integrated distribution substations for a data centre. The data centre is powered by the mains, but there are also generators in case of mains failure. The aim was to design a container equipped with a cabinet for power management.

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Container stockage d'armes

Ammunition storage container

Our client’s project involved a civilian mission of the European Union under the framework of the Common Security and Defence Policy. The mission was to support the capacities of Niger’s security forces in the fight against terrorism and organised crime. In this context, our client required an ammunition storage container to provide for its defence.

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Container batterie

Battery container

BACKGROUND Our client, a major group in the energy sector, manufactures hybrid electrification systems for off-grid sites. He needed a containerized solution for the storage of his batteries for his demonstrator.

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Chambre froide mobile

Mobile cold room

BACKGROUND Many food products are subject to strict cold chain standards, and it is in this context that we have proposed our mobile cold room offer to the agricultural sector. In order to promote short circuits, farmers nowadays want to have an on-site storage solution.

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Container atelier de déminage

Demining robot workshop

BACKGROUND As part of the creation of a demining and area clearance robot known as the SDZ (Zone Demining System) for the DGA, a shelter workshop was required for storing all the robot’s tools and carrying out primary maintenance.

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Container médical

Medical container

BACKGROUND Given the unpredictability of natural disasters, it is essential to have turnkey solutions for helping victims of floods, forest fires, earthquakes, etc. in the immediate after-hours of catastrophe.

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Container alimentaire

Food container

BACKGROUND The Beninese army needed a solution to supply food to its troops based in KIDAL in northern MALI as part of the UN Peacekeeping Mission (UNMISMA).

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Container atelier Batlift

Workshop container BATLIFT

BACKGROUND NEXTER sought to support its customers’ vehicles used in overseas operations. They developed a new concept: the BATLIFT system.

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Climatiseur de tente CTZ mistral

New mobile air conditioner CTZ MISTRAL

We are proud to introduce our new patented Mobile Air Conditioner, specially designed to cool your tents, shelters or other industrial applications.

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Climatiseur de shelter

CMVZ5 shelter air conditioner

BACKGROUND When developing the SYRACUSE 3 Earth station, the DGA wanted to regulate the temperature in the communication shelter. In partnership with the systems integrator, we have designed and developed a specific shelter air conditioner to operate at extreme temperatures up to +55°C.

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