Container Morgue


The potential for loss of life is one of the questions to which we provide an answer with the 20′ morgue container. This allows 12 bodies to be transported and preserved (up to 16 bodies in critical situations).

It is built using an ISO 20′ shipping container that is then converted in our factory.
Fitted with a refrigeration unit (installed within the ISO dimensions), this container can be made autonomous through the addition of a generator.

Container morgue
Schéma container morgue


  • It operates in extreme outdoor temperatures: from -30°C to +50°C
  • The interior temperature is adjustable between -35°C and +30°C
  • A system of fixed shelves and stretchers is integrated inside the container to keep corpses in good condition
  • The fresh air supply is adjustable, with a nominal treated air flow rate of up to 6560 m3/h
  • It is equipped with a double door with external seals and lockableespagnolettebolts
  • It has CSC approval for transport
  • This container is a version of the 18m3 container used by the French Army equipped with the morgue kit option