This range of cold rooms is intended for medical, food and industrial storage in positive or negative cold.
In addition, this “Plug & Play” product is delivered in kit form (panels, cooling units, shelves, etc.) and designed for fast and efficient installation.
Many sizes are available, PQS-certified by WHO (option), with monobloc or split-type units.

ZHENDRE also offers installation services in France and abroad through its worldwide network of installers. UNICEF, MSF, BEL Group, WHO and MISSIONPHARMA currently deploy them.

This range of modular cold rooms serves purposes such as humanitarian vaccination or food storage mission. It can also be integrated into an industrial food production process or used as auxiliary cold storage. All our rooms have been field tested by our many humanitarian and industrial partners.
In addition, our Design Office’s expertise allows us to adapt to certain specific requirements (reinforced floors, convection on the ground, reinforcements, etc.) and to propose customised solutions.

Making of a cold room installation here !

Chambre froide en kit
Chambres froides en kit


  • adaptable to the client’s needs
  • available in 50 Hz or 60Hz
  • redundant refrigeration units
  • manylayoutoptions 
  • operational up to +45°C
  • “Plug & Play”, ready to use
  • polyurethane insulation optimises preservation of stored products
  • galvanised shelves suitable for these applications