BESPOKE Cold rooms

Bespoke cold rooms

In addition to its standard range of cold rooms, ZHENDRE offers customised cold rooms. Whether mobile or modular, we design and produce cold rooms adapted to your needs.

The various elements that can be customised are: floor type, volume, positive or negative cold, temperature monitoring and control, generator installation, set temperature, power supply, alarm system, lighting, security, and more. We supply cold rooms to three business sectors: Defence, Industry and Humanitarian. The specific requirements of these three sectors are fully met by our cold rooms.

These solutions are developed through collaboration between the customer and our design office. ZHENDRE proposes building a step-by-step technical specifications document in order to optimally satisfy the requirements of each consultation.


  • Reliabilityto
  • Efficiencyto
  • Operational in extreme conditions: temperature reaching up to +45°C and relatively high humidity levelsto
  • Usable on all ground typesto
  • Ready to use (applicable to cold room kits)to