Picto algérie Algeria COLD ROOMS

Algeria is a large country and corresponds to the typical profile of ZHENDRE’s export market with extreme temperatures requiring a high level of expertise in the field of refrigeration and mobility.

This country also requires a great knowledge of the international market and in particular expertise on how to manage tenders.

ZHENDRE’s long history in the country

In 1959, to prove the robustness of its equipment, ZHENDRE participated in the “BERLIET-TENERE” mission by providing an autonomous refrigerated container during the Raid between Algiers and N’Djamena in the TENERE desert.

Since then, Algerian tankers that need mobile solutions in the desert have relied on ZHENDRE equipment.

The Ministry of National Defence is also one of ZHENDRE’s major customers thanks to the development of new solutions that meet the tough requirements of the Algerian army.

Algeria remains to this day the main export market for the company.

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