OUR Tent air conditioning units

Developed for and with the French Armed Forces, Zhendre tent air conditioners are now used worldwide for both military and civilian applications.
Mobility, robustness, ease of handling and storage and R134a fluid (respect for the environment) are the specifications that our teams sought to implement during the design of our mobile air conditioners.

Climatiseur mobile

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    Our portable air conditioners range in power from 4 to 23 kW. The operating temperature in cooling mode spans from 20°C to +55°C, and even from -5°C to +57°C for the CTZ Mistral model.

    Storage temperatures range from -32°C to +70°C.

    The minimum noise level of the air conditioner alone must not exceed 60 decibels. Our tent air conditioners are made of aluminium or steel and are painted NATO IR Green, sand or custom.

    Several power configurations are available. To improve your comfort, we offer several options on all or part of our models: electric heating, CBRN compatibility, trailer, and more.

    We develop solutions that meet your logistics, comfort and support needs in sensitive areas while ensuring that mobility is preserved.

    As a designer and manufacturer of tent air conditioners, we can also help you develop the model to suit your needs. Feel free to contact us. We offer a wide range of mobile air conditioners developed and manufactured to cool tents, technical shelters and industrial installations.

    For your applications operating at temperatures up to +50°C, we also have a range of more economical mobile air conditioners designed especially for these environments.

    Points forts
    • Operational up to +57°C
    • Improved user experience on CTZ MISTRAL with self-diagnosis, easy maintenance, control system and monitoring
    • Eco-design of products guaranteeing high energy savings
    • Aluminium structure
    • Design and manufacture tested in the climatic test room
    • Optimised storage and transport in containers
    Les options
    • Heating
    • Distribution ducts
    • CBRN environments
    • Paint colour
    • Mobility kit
    • Trailers
    • Air conditioning of several rooms with the same CTZ

    Les certifications

    Peinture Painting
    Vibrations Vibrations