Mobile Air
conditioning units

Since 1995 ZHENDRE has been designing and manufacturing portable air conditioners that meet the most extreme requirements and constraints.
Our first tent air conditioners were developed for the French Army to improve the recovery of soldiers during the night when they operate in hot areas.

Based on this feedback, we have hardened our equipment to make it robust and rustic. We have thus been able to extend our range to offer powers from 6kW to 23kW. These tent air conditioners will allow you to cool your installations in outside temperatures up to +55°C + solar radiation of 1120 W/m².
We also offer you a SPLIT model for use in CBN zones.
Heating is available as an option.

In parallel with the development of tent air conditioners, we have developed many custom shelter air conditioners for different manufacturers.
In order to offer you standard products, we have designed shelter air conditioners that can also be used on fitted shipping containers: the CMDZ5 and the CMDZ5 COLPRO. Both models have a slide gate option that has the advantage of keeping the air conditioners within the container volume during transport and deploying them upon arrival on site.

Climatiseur mobile


More recently, we have developed a mobile air conditioner capable of cooling your tents, shelters and containers: the CTZ MISTRAL. This air conditioner can be used to cool installations with high heat dissipation that require a cool start from -15°C and up.

In order to offer a more economical alternative and operate at up to +50°C outside, we designed our range of HR air conditioners, which are perfectly suited to respond to humanitarian emergencies, cool your industrial facilities or support Peacekeeping Operations (PKO).

For specific projects requiring large quantities, the ZHENDRE Design Office team can also design special air conditioners. Feel free to contact us.