Since 1955 ZHENDRE has been providing its customers with a large range of mobile solutions for different storage uses. The oil & gas, medical, agribusiness, aeronautical and energy industries, as well as armies and various NGOs find answers to their issues through us. Their needs are often specific and require solid expertise in several fields: cooling and air conditioning, electricity, sheet metal work, welding and fabrication.
Close collaboration with our clients lets us create new solutions for a market that is constantly evolving.

With its experience in containerisation and cold room manufacturing, ZHENDRE designs and manufactures standard and bespoke solutions that are highly robust and reliable for use in demanding environments.

With autonomy and simplicity in mind, ZHENDRE has always focused on making its products as easy to use, maintain and operate as possible given that our customers often use our solutions on isolated sites.

Schéma conteneur stockage

années d’expérience
dans le domaine du Froid Industriel.

    Sector of activity
    Points forts
    • Integration of various means of storage: Tanks, reservoirs, ground anchors, shelves, etc.
    • Zhendre’s expertise in HVAC and refrigeration engineering for regulating temperature and humidity in the different areas of the container.
    • 3D numerical simulation of the load to be stored in the container.
    • Design and manufacturing analysis in the climatic test room, allowing usage in extreme conditions.
    • Dry container
    • Weapons storage
    • Chemical storage
    • Pharmaceutical storage
    Les options
    • Integration of an energy source (GE)
    • Walls: insulation, bulletproofing, and waterproofing
    • Lifting and levelling supports
    • Protective canopy and sunshade cover / UV protection
    • Access ladder
    • Access ramp

    Les certifications

    Dimension ISO ISO Dimensions
    Peinture Painting
    Electrique Electrical
    Incendie Fire
    Transport CSC Tir et aérien CSC, TIR and
    air transport