Zhendre Refrigerated Containers are the result of 70 years of experience in refrigeration and containerisation of mobile solutions for extreme conditions.
Louis Zhendre designed and built the world’s first autonomous refrigerated container in 1950! Following this invention, ACFT Louis Zhendre was created in 1955.

Since then, we have been designing and manufacturing refrigerated containers to meet the most extreme temperature requirements.
Our Refrigerated Containers are designed for companies operating in hostile environments or in countries with poor infrastructure.
They also meet the specific needs of the Defence sector and are commonly used on theatres of operation by the armed forces.
The French, English, Belgian, Spanish, Irish, Portuguese, Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Beninese and Ivorian armies use Zhendre Refrigerated Containers.

This is also the case for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (PKOs) around the world.

Schéma conteneur frigorifique

years of experience
in the field of industrial refrigeration.

    Sector of activity


    Zhendre refrigerated containers are a turnkey solution for the storage of your fresh and frozen products and medicines. They can be used in the most extreme conditions.

    We offer a wide range of containers (1m3, 5m3, 10′, 20′, 40′), and for special needs, we can also study specific models to meet your particular requirements.

    • Operation in extreme conditions.
    • Durability over time.
    • +Mobility and total autonomy of the product, used by many armies in Europe and Africa as well as by oil & gas companies in the Sahara.
    • Special Zhendre refrigeration unit adaptable according to specifications.
    • Design and manufacture tested in the climatic test room.
    • Guaranteed CEMAFROID insulation coefficient and among the lowest on the market providing optimised energy consumption.
    • Concentrated technologies mastered by Zhendre: refrigeration engineering, electricity, monitoring, stratification/insulation, welding & fabrication, painting, and material resistance leading to a reliable and robust product.
    • Food storage
    The options
    • Other standard refrigeration units
    • Electricity: supply voltage and frequency
    • Special lighting
    • Integration of an energy source (GE)
    • Interior fittings
    • Stainless steel structure for corrosive environments
    • Lifting and levelling supports
    • Ramp and access ladder
    • Protective canopy and sunshade cover / UV protection
    • Access ladder
    • Access ramp


    Dimension ISO ISO dimensions
    Peinture Painting
    Electrique Eletrical
    Incendie Fire
    Transport CSC Tir et aérien CSC, TIR and air transport
    (registration for the transport of perishable foodstuffs)