Water treatment container

Water treatment solutions in containers

Zhendre has been integrating fluid treatment equipment in containers or on skids for several years. After a 3D layout and drawing study phase, the container is transformed in the Villenave d’Ornon workshops in order to integrate the customer’s treatment process. There are many applications: water analysis and purification, sludge separation, toxic gas recovery, seawater desalination…

In application

Certified Zhendre skills

This type of transformation requires different skills acquired in recent years:

  • Heating and welding of the container with hydraulic and electrical interfaces,
  • Welding, protection and installation of stainless steel pipes,
  • Gluing and installation of PVC, heat PVC, high pressure PVC pipes,
  • Installation, fixing and hydraulic and electrical connection of heavy equipment such as centrifuges, screw presses, pumps, reverse osmosis membranes, condensing chimneys…
  • Exterior specific paint,
  • Sealing of the interior of the container with a non-slip aluminium or laminate floor,
  • Regulation of room temperature by air extraction or air conditioning,
  • Testing and pressurization in the presence of the customer in order to validate the implementation of the process