Zhendre can also supply its equipment in a trailer version. The flagship product for this modification is the hybrid energy trailer, which combines at least two types of energy including photovoltaic cells, fuel cells, generators and batteries. The design and manufacture of this type of equipment is performed by the company’s design office and assembled in the workshops on the same site.

Other Zhendre products are also available on trailers, such as air conditioners and cold rooms on trailer. Depending on the end use, they can be of civilian, all road or all terrain type, the latter category being reserved for the Defence sector.

In application


The trailers proposed by Zhendre are made in France and can be customised with:

  • 1 or 2 axles,
  • Inertia or hydraulic braking,
  • Standard or articulated drawbar,
  • standard coupling or NATO standard rings,
  • Type of tractor vehicle, 12V or 24V,
  • space available for adding equipment, or a footboard,
  • Material, paint and various options.