ZHENDRE offers you a range of containers to support camp arrangements and based on the needs of our customers. We can offer dormitory/sanitary/laundry containers. Custom manufacturing is also an option for greater comfort.

We can also study your specific development projects to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We mobilise the full spectrum of our expertise to offer you:

  • Dormitory containers
  • Sanitary containers
  • Refrigerated containers
  • laundry containers
Schéma conteneur base de vie
Our range of base camps

années d’expérience
dans le domaine du Froid Industriel.

    Sector of activity


    Our air conditioners are perfectly suited for use in very hot or very cold desert conditions.
    Our containers are also suited to a saline environment; the enclosure of the air-conditioned room protects your systems.
    We have developed a wide range of air conditioners from 4 to 23 kW to cover your different needs and adapt to the dimensions of your tents and shelters. These specific air conditioners operate between -25°C and +57°C and can therefore operate worldwide.

    Points forts
    • Containers fitted according to needs and able to operate in extreme conditions
    • Modularity provided by the assembly of several containers
    • Improved energy consumption thanks to Zhendre’s expertise in HVAC engineering and insulation
    • Optimisation of costs and transport solutions thanks to ISO dimensions
    Les options
    • Air conditioning, heating
    • Interior fittings (dormitory, laundry room, kitchen, etc.)
    • Electricity: supply voltage and frequency
    • Exterior fittings (cladding, access stairs, painting)

    Les certifications

    Dimension ISO ISO dimensions
    Peinture Painting
    Electrique Electrical
    Incendie Fire
    Transport CSC Tir et aérien CSC, TIR and
    air transport