ZHENDRE Containerised

Containerised solutions has been part of Zhendre’s DNA since its creation.

Refrigerated containers are the historical products of the Zhendre company and have proven their worth during events such as the famous Berliet-Téneré Mission in 1959, which linked Algiers for the first time to FORT LAMY (now N’Djamena in Chad).

Since then, they have been used by many industrial groups (particularly for oil & gas exploration in the Algerian desert), the French Armed Forces, many armies around the world and NGOs.

Our expertise in shipping container conversions acquired over the years allows us to offer you a wide range of containerised solutions.

We are able to integrate all your industrial processes and special applications into containers.

We have made Energy Containers for conducting methanisation, water treatment and sludge treatment. Some of our products can also generate different sources of energy, such as electricity, compressed air and fluid distribution.

We also incorporate photovoltaic energy sources and battery storage.

Nos conteneurs aménagés
Our solutions


Zhendre Storage Containers are dedicated to the storage and distribution of various products: chemicals, liquids (fuels, water), ammunition, dry food, pharmaceuticals, medical products, and more.

For your base camps and sites operating in extreme conditions , we can offer you living solutions and shelters in converted shipping containers: accommodation, dormitories, sanitary areas, kitchens, dining areas, offices, medical facilities, etc.

We also convert shipping containers into mobile workshop containers that can be used for a wide range of applications: mechanical/repair, assembly, de-mining, decontamination, climatic test rooms, etc.