ZHENDRE offers a wide range of cold rooms adapted to all needs and sectors.

PQS-certified by the WHO

Our modular cold rooms are PQS certified by the WHO (World Health Organization PQS E001/E002 Certification). Our custom-built units are used in more than 20 countries by many NGOs and Ministries of Health, including UNICEF for its vaccination campaigns. Our cold rooms are also used by the FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization) to store cereals.

Their removable polyurethane foam panels with cam brackets make for quick installation. Rounded corners offer easy and effective cleaning. Operation is ensured to withstand temperatures up to +45°C for positive and negative cold production.

Several sizes are available: 10m3, 20m3, 30m3, 40m3 and 40m3 bi-compartments.

ZHENDRE relies on an extensive international network of certified installers to provide you with a dependable and secure installation service.

Chambre froide en kit

years of experience
in the field of industrial refrigeration.

    Sector of activity


    Our modular cold rooms are delivered as kits in order to optimise logistics. These models are designed to be easy to use.
    Their installation and maintenance can be carried out anywhere in the world.
    To help you with the assembly, Zhendre provides you with a paper manual and a video manual explaining the steps to follow.

    The monobloc refrigeration unit makes it possible to avoid hiring a refrigeration specialist for the servicing.
    In addition, redundancy of the refrigeration units secures the cold chain.
    An alarm signals the presence of an entrapped person or a set temperature difference.
    These cold rooms can be deployed indoors or outdoors, and several options are available: connection of electrical accessories to the container, stainless steel or non-slip coating, temperature recorder, dimensions, etc.

    • Operational up to +45°C
    • Modular cam-operated panels for easy assembly
    • Delivered in kit form to optimise logistics
    • Installation and maintenance anywhere in the world
    • Illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions (paper + Video)
    • Monobloc refrigeration unit to avoid needing to hire a refrigeration engineer to service
    • Redundancy of refrigeration units to secure the cold chain
    • Entrapped person alarm
    The options
    • Electricity: supply voltage and frequency
    • Connection of electrical accessories via connectors
    • Choice of floor covering (stainless steel, non-slip)
    • Width and type of door
    • Illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions (paper + Video)
    • Temperature recorder with alarm system
    • Bespoke dimensions


    Certification PQS E001 / E002
    de l'OMS