Our mobile cold rooms are suitable for a wide range of applications and can meet all your needs: military and civil structures, NGOs, private companies, etc. The BEL Group, MISSIONPHARMA and the MARCK Group trust us.

Cold rooms from 5m3 to 20m3

From small to large, several sizes are available: 5m3, 10m3 and 20m3. Our mobile cold rooms have been designed for storing all types of products and commodities (vaccines, food, pharmaceutical products, etc.). They can be used on all types of ground, operate at up to +45° C outside temperature and are available in positive or negative cooling versions. They are weather resistant in extreme conditions: in this area in particular, ZHENDRE has proven itself over the past 60 years with its development of weather-resistant products to confront harsh climates.

Chambre froide mobile

years of experience
in the field of industrial refrigeration.

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    These models are designed for ease of use and transport. In addition, they are “plug & play” and ready to use, meaning you will save significant time when installing and using your equipment! Furthermore, these models can be transported in shipping containers, which makes it easy to move them from one site to another. Protection and handling are improved by the skid mounted chassis.

    Our models have electrical, paint and food certifications.

    Several options are available to improve your comfort, both in terms of interior design (shelves) and exterior design (access ramps). As for options, we also offer you various custom features: trailers, windows, generator, alarm and electricity (supply voltage and frequency).

    These products have been tested and certified in the test room.

    • Operational up to +45°C outdoors
    • Designed for storing all types of products and foodstuffs
    • Use indoors or outdoors on all types of floors
    • Available in positive or negative cold
    • Transportable in shipping container
    • Improved rigidity, protection and handling offered by skid frame
    • Mobility
    The options
    • Interior fittings (shelves)
    • Electricity: supply voltage and frequency
    • Exterior fittings (access ramps)
    • Alarm
    • Generator
    • Trailers
    • Windows


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