ZHENDRE Supplier of UNICEF for 20 years

Used for childhood vaccination campaigns against Ebola, Measles, Polio, Tuberculosis or Hepatitis B. Storage -20 ° C and + 8 ° C. 33 rooms delivered to 24 sites in 2020 in Bangladesh in the fight against COVID-19 (800 k €) Since January, 40 ZHENDRE Cold Rooms are being delivered to India to counter COVID-19 (750 k€ ). A Cold Room is available as a demonstrator for installation support. A big wave of buying is expected during the second quarter of 2021 to fight COVID around the world.

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Chambre froide démontable

Cold room kit modular

This range of custom-made products in variable sizes is designed for projects requiring rapid deployment, simple installation and precise and rigorous performance in extreme conditions. Thus, our cold room kits can be adapted to the needs of food storage projects and vaccination campaigns in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. They can also be used in industrial processes in order to maintain or lower temperatures.

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